"TEMS" is scientific and manufacturing company, which performs the full range of works from development and design to commissioning and service of power converters, electronics, automatic process control systems for energy companies and other industries.

Business sectors and divisions:

  • Development and manufacture of voltage regulators RENAP and starters PEL according to the customer's request :
  • Voltage regulators RENAP - 1T (1х220V, 380V; up to 1400A) and RENAP - 3T (3х380V; up to 1400А) for power supply of transformers in the technology of heating, melting and modification of materials;
  • Current regulators RENAP- 1V (1х220V; up to 100А) for vibrodrive and fan heaters;
  • Current regulators RENAP-3V (3х380V; up to 400А) for power supply of electromagnets, electromagnetic separators, windings of synchronous generators on the hydro power plant;
  • Starters PEL-3 (3х380V; up to 300А) for power supply of heating, drying and lighting systems;
  • Reversing starters PELR-3-20 (3х380V; up to 20А) for valve actuators and mechanisms, electric equipment on the boiler houses and thermal power stations.
  • Development, manufacturing and commissioning of automation systems:
  • APCS for supplying pulverized coal into the boilers and ACS of electric drives for process control parameters on thermal power station;
  • APCS of line cleaning and decontamination of metal on nuclear power stations;
  • ACS of boilers and electric drives on industrial and utility enterprises (network pumps, exhaust fans, fans);
  • ACS for pumping systems on the enterprises of water supply and water disposal in public and industrial buildings;
  • APCS for mining enterprises (technological equipment for crushing, transport, magnetic separation);
  • APCS for enterprises which produce polymer materials (extruders, winders), food products, building materials, animal feed, glass products (technological equipment for dosing);
  • Automatic systems for dynamic correction of power factor in energy networks with rapidly changing load.
  • Supplying, commissioning and service of electric equipment preduced by APATOR CONTROL, CONTROL TECHNIQUES, SIEMENS, DANFOSS:
  • High voltage frequency converters ( 3, 6, 10 kV; 315 kW – 8 MW );
  • Low voltage frequency converters ( 0,2 – 0,69 kV; 0,37 kW – 1,5 MW );
  • High voltage soft starters ( 3, 6, 10 kV; 250 kW – 12,5 MW );
  • Low voltage soft starters ( 0,2 – 0,69 kV; 7 kW – 1,5 MW );
  • DC drives ( 0,4 – 0,69 kV; 25 A - 7400 A );
  • Servo drives.


"TEMS" - technical center of APATOR CONTROL, system integrator of CONTROL TECHNIQUES, system integrator of SIEMENS